The ultimate summer fragrance!

Creed Virgin Island Water

The history of fragrances goes back thousands of years with the word perfume being derived from the latin word “per fume” meaning “through smoke”. During the 20th century the over commercialization of personal fragrances led to a saturation of synthetic and ordinary products hitting our retail outlets. To some perfume connoisseurs, the fragrance industry has become a debacle offering no originality or exclusivity whatsoever to its base note.

Bucking this trend is one of the worlds greatest perfume houses known as “Creed”. Over the years the Creed family has produced over 200 perfumes, all original and hand-made, all testifying to a unique creative spirit that has been passed from father to son through seven generations.

If you want to smell like a Caribbean breeze this summer then be sure to get your hands on Creed’s Virgin Island Water. This fragrance no doubt stands out from the typical summer scents worn by many. Why no get in to Harrolds and give it a try


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